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Our Services

Ornate Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides all services needed to deliver an IT based complete solutions for all small, medium, and large organizations. Ornate Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. develops and designs websites for various clients covering every aspect of life. We understand our clients’ business needs and perspectives thus offer them precise technology and design to deploy their product and services

  • Development

    Web Development

    Websites need no introduction as they have become popular in homes, offices, institutions and organizations. Website development thus is the creation of such websites. It is the utilization of coding or programming to develop websites and enable its proper functioning.


    SEO Services

    SEO service is the set of expert techniques used in search engine optimization to improve rankings and thereby the visibility of a website. Through this medium several strategies are implemented to increase the website traffic as well as make it search engine friendly. SEO service includes Off-page and On-page SEO.


    APPs Development

    Mobile applications, or apps in short, are found on almost every smartphones. They are software applications developed for use in smartphones or tablets. They are different from softwares found in PCs. They can perform limited functions because of the limited software and hardware composition of mobile phones.

  • marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media is an umbrella term to include all social media platforms and websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a host of other sites. Thus social media marketing means promotion of a product or service through these channels. It is a great way for companies to reach potential customers.


Operating Environment Compatibility

Test your web application on different operating systems, including Windows, Unix, MAC, Linux, and Solaris

Website Testing

Website testing is combination of all above mentioned points, also GIGW guidelines, IT Policy of client Organization are followed while doing website testing.

Configuration And Compatibility Testing

Differences in Web browsers, operating environments, and hardware devices impact the correct operation of your Web application.

Code Review

Code review is an examination of computer source code. It is intended to find and fix mistakes introduced into an application in the development phase, improving both the overall quality of software and the developers’ skills.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing is a subset of usability testing, and it is performed to ensure that the application being tested is usable by people with disabilities like hearing, color blindness, old age and other disadvantaged groups.

Interoperability Testing

Interoperability is a technique how an application interacts with another application.

Portability Testing

Portability testing is a type of testing in which Software application is installed from one environment to other, may be from one platform to another platform with different hardware and software configuration.

Vulnerability Analysis And Penetration

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing provides enterprises with a more comprehensive application evaluation than any single test alone.

Usability Testing

The design and presentation of an application has a large impact on the success your users will have in using the Web application.

About Us

Why choose Ornate Software Solutions?

The organization takes Quality, Excellence, and Innovation to a completely new level of ingenuity with every product it delivers. Choosing Ornate as your online business provider entitles you to avail following tangible benefits:

  • 15 years of concrete experience in software market globally and locally.
  • Passionate software solutions bringers, who love the work they do.
  • Pool of talented IT, Ecommerce, Digital Consultants with respective domain expertise.
  • High quality services, avant- grade off shore development set up, ethical business deals at cost effective prices.
  • Innovative solutions breaking clutter and giving you edge over your competitors.
  • Dedication to drive you results, which are Visible.
  • Value added custom-made packages suiting all your business online requirements.
  • Reliable IT service contributor that is trusted worldwide.


“We would be recognized as global outstanding software solutions provider in the field of software development.”

Ornate Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  vision encompasses of providing exceptional services to its clients, employees, community, and country. Along with a better future to its clients, company ensures making their path to success easy by creating bespoke solutions that bestow them with a sustainable distinct identity.

Technology and socio – economic development being at forefront Ornate Software Solutions envisions playing a major role in making world a better place to dwell backed by its constant innovative solutions and rooted values of dedication and devotion towards client satisfaction and development.


“Improve business effectiveness through application of information technology.”
In compliance of its vision, company’s mission is to sow fruitful seeds of development in the field of technology and social economic reforms such that individuals, communities, businesses, country, and world can reap its benefits. This is possible by consistently harnessing and striking a balance between advanced technologies and modern management practices.